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Myers - Aplex builds the most reliable light, medium, and heavy - duty-reciprocating pump in the world. We produce products that outwear the others in both the domestic and international markets. Plus, we deliver technical support that outshines the competition.

QUAZITE® is the first in the industry to be able to offer a UL Listed underground enclosure. UL Listed handholes and splice boxes have been tested and certified to rigorous national safety standards. This ensures that the underground enclosure is safe and risk free.

Most QUAZITE® underground enclosures in sizes up to 30" x 48" are UL Listed. These products are clearly marked with the UL label on both the box and the cover.

These lightweight products are easy and less expensive to install. QUAZITE®'s strength, durability and corrosion resistance means that it will last longer, reducing life cycle costs.

QUAZITE® underground products are currently solving problems in thousands of specific applications in many industries. Registered professional engineers are on hand to assist with design, specification development and review. Full CAD capabilities are available and can be used to electronically transmit drawings and files to the customer.  

QUAZITE has a broad product line for the underground construction industry .


Service Boxes and Handholes Panel Vaults
Water Meter Boxes Equipment Pads
CATV Enclosures Traffic Signal Bases


The world's leading manufacturer of cable pulling lubricants,
cable cleaners, and MRO & construction chemicals.

HoleShot B

Drilling Fluid Additive

An Additive for Bentonite Drilling Fluids to Improve Performance in Unstable Soils

ETCO manufactures, Couplers, T Cone Duct Plugs, "E Loc, Double E loc, Transition Fittings, RP Plugs & Multi Caps

Pulling Grips are manufactured of Hi-Fatigue plastic coated Aircraft Strand steel cable
in various weave designs. Recommended wherever high strength and small size are required.
Patented pulling eye is flexible and stress relieving.

Premium Drill Pipe Compound

JET-LUBE’s heavy-duty, environmentally preferred drill pipe compound provides maximum protection against galling, seizing and downhole make-up under even the most challenging of drilling conditions. KOPR-KOTE contains copper flake, graphite, CZ-EX (JET-LUBE’s extreme pressure additive) and rust and corrosion inhibitors in a water resistant aluminum complex grease carrier. KOPR-KOTE is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential make-up and assure full hydraulic efficiency. KOPR-KOTE contains no lead, zinc, PTFE or other materials that may be affected by elevated temperatures. KOPR-KOTE is unequalled in providing thread protection in demanding environments.
  • Service Rating: 0°F (-18°C) to 450°F (232°C)

Drill Pipe Compound

Formulated and blended from the same ingredients as KOPR-KOTE, JET-LUBE 21 is specifically designed for intermediate drilling conditions such as softer formations. Environmentally, preferred, lead-free product can be used throughout the entire drill string “from the swivel to the bit,” on drill collars, tool joints, etc. *Zinc available upon request.

JET-LUBE 21 is a medium priced compound and the professional product of choice for all intermediate drilling applications.
  • Service Rating: 0°F (-18°C) to 450°F (232°C)