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Directional Drilling Supplies and Cable Installation Tools

Some of the many products we carry are listed below

HDPE  High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE,) Innerduct and Conduit used to protect and house fiber optic cable for the Electrical, Power, Telecommunications and CATV industries. We offer a wide range of products in sizes ˝” through 16” in a variety of colors and striping combinations as well as tracer wire and aerial duct.  We also offer options for pre-lubrication, pre-installed pull tape and installed cable in conduit.

UL Listed and pressure rated HDPE is also available. Call 1-888-571-3036 for more information.


UL listed conduit and accessories. Schedule 40 and 80, sweeps, couplers, and fittings.


Etco Specialty Products manufactures the highest quality duct plugs for water and gas tight seals in all types of conduit, in sizes from 3/4" to 8". Their  E-Loc couplings are the standard for restrained joining of polyethylene pipe, or the Double E-Loc for an air-tight seal for all blowing applications.


Underground and aerial cable installation equipment including; cable pullers, fiber optic blowers, swivels, duct rodders, hanging blocks, cable benders, cable lashers and reel trailers. Also engineering for road and bridge crossing.


Pulling grips for use in pulling cable and for suspension applications. Ball bearing swivels, underground boring swivels and various rope and grip connections hardware.

Drill Rod Grease and Lubricants.

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Manufacturer of cable pulling lubes, cleaners, MRO & construction chemicals.                   

 Pulling Ropes & Tape

Spiral wrapped light duty poly twine. Composite double braid, twisted yellow polypropylene (three strand) pulling ropes. Woven polyester cable-pulling tape with strengths up to 6,000 lbs. Available pre-lubricated and with sequential ft. markings. Detectable / locatable tape for vacant and/or occupied duct.

Quazite’s lightweight, polymer concrete handholes, vaults, pads and enclosures for the Power, telephone and CATV markets. Available with heavy duty and split covers, knockouts and optional colors and logos. Other manufacturers and sizes are also available.


Lightweight, high strength Cable and Pipe Warning Marker Posts and polycarbonate Riser Guards. Also terminal enclosures and cathodic protection test stations.



High quality stainless steel products for use in overhead or underground applications. They include pole fastening systems, buckles, brackets and tools, ties for cable management, identifications systems and pulling clamps.

Myers - Aplex builds the most reliable light, medium, and heavy - duty reciprocating pumps in the world.  They produce products that outwear the others in both the domestic and international markets.  Plus, they deliver service and technical support that outshines the competition.

Uticom Systems Inc. produces various products, one of which being plastic PVC labels to be affixed to power and fiber optic cables. 

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